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SAP Bundle Patch Download Location Service Market Place

Once you Login to SAP Service Market Place  you should find the SBP Patch location as below

Database and Database Patches --> Oracle --> Choose your Oracle version--> Choose OS---> Then you should find Latest Patch to download as a ZIP file.

Note: Download with Download Manager and it doesn't need any approval.

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Find Used Space on SAP Oracle Database - SQL Query / Script

This query or script will display the following output: Very handy to manage database storage

  • Total Database Size
  • Used Space on Database
  • Free Space on Database

Run this from your SQL > 

col "Database Size" format a20
col "Free space" format a20
col "Used space" format a20
select round(sum(used.bytes) / 1024 / 1024 / 1024 ) || ' GB' "Database Size"
, round(sum(used.bytes) / 1024 / 1024 / 1024 ) -
round(free.p / 1024 / 1024 / 1024) || ' GB' "Used space"
, round(free.p / 1024 / 1024 / 1024) || ' GB' "Free space"
from (select bytes
from v$datafile
union all
select bytes
from v$tempfile
union all
select bytes
from v$log) used
, (select sum(bytes) as p
from dba_free_space) free
group by free.p

Example Output: 

Database Size                Used space                Free space
-------------------- -------------------- --------------------

457 GB                           343 GB                    114 GB

Command to update the SAP Java Support Pack Stack of the system using SUM

Special command to start SUM which ensures that SUM will only update the Java stack of the system:

On Windows: <DRIVE>:\usr\sap\<sapsid>\SUM\STARTUP javaonly
On UNIX: /usr/sap/<sapsid>/SUM/STARTUP javaonly

Note: Read SAP SUM guide before using this command.

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RAM SIZE - Unix Command to find the allocated and free memory in SAP system

Type this command and it would display Memory Total and Memory Free.

$ less /proc/meminfo

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What Security is used on IaaS Platform by Amazon?

Amazon has the IAM, which provides granular security. Within the AWS platform, each user gets a log on for the AWS console as well as an X509 certificate for signing web service calls. This X509 certificate can be used by any 3rd party application or service and maintains the permissions defined by the IAM.

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Maintenance Optimizer in SAP Solution Manager is the central point of access for all maintenance activities. It powerfully supports the installation of updates and upgrades and completely manages the maintenance activities for your whole solution, centrally accessible from inside SAP Solution Manager.

Main Features
Seamless software maintenance procedure increases transparency and traceability of software changes
Automatic delta calculation of all relevant maintenance files
Support for all maintenance activities:
Installation of Support Packages and Support Package Stacks
Installation of Enhancement Packages
Upgrade of SAP Solutions
Installation of SAP ERP HCM Legal Change Packages
Support for Add-Ons
Support for Java Patches
Landscape Awareness: calculates necessary updates for connected systems and hubs
Integration of Application Logs, Traces and stack files into the guided procedure

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How to Perform the Switch to SAP JVM Step by Step?

Pre Switch:

  • Check the installation prerequisites for the SAP JVM
  • Download the required software (SAP JVM SWITCH TOOL & SAPJVM SAR FILES)


  • Run the SAP JVM switch tool (like sapinst)
  • Install SAPJVM4
  • Perform the switch to SAP JVM 4 for the diagnostics agent(replace vendor JCE)

Post Switch:

  • Make changes to JAVA_HOME effective
  • Make necessary changes in Instance profiles
  • Restart Application Server Instances in order to activate the changed profile.

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SAP JVM SWITCH TOOL - Where to download from?

You need SAP JVM switch tool for example if you want to switch it from IBM JVM to SAP JVM.

Since 1st of October, 2012, SAP JVM 4 is the only supported JDK on this release. See SAP Note 1708967 for details.

How to download SAP JVM Switch Tool?
Go to
On the left side bottom you would see SAP JVM Tool as in screenshot below.

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SAP MaxAttention covers IT needs for your SAP software landscape, helping you to implement end-to-end solution operations, mitigate risks, and protect your IT investment. The companies and organizations that can expect to derive the most benefit from this support engagement are facing the following challenges:

• Running mission-critical solutions
• Operating 24x7 business processes and systems
• Running multinational or global operations
• Managing complex implementation or upgrade projects within complex solution landscapes
• Making large-scale changes while avoiding downtime
• Identifying and resolving the top issues that affect key areas of their SAP solutions
• Building bridges between business units and IT groups to more efficiently realize business goals
• Implementing SAP application lifecycle management and end-to-end solution operations
• Planning and setting up a Customer Center of Expertise (Customer COE) organization
• Outtasking or outsourcing activities on a large scale.

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How to Install SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization Client SAP TAO 3.0 Client?

TAO .net client should have the same SP level as ST-TST 300 Add-On on SAP Solution Manager

Steps to Install SAP TAO Client
1. Navigate to --> Support Packages and Patches.
2. Search for SAP TAO 3.0.
3. Install SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization, using the standard Microsoft Windows installer (setup.exe). The installation of a new version will reuse the customized settings, such as connections and options, from the existing version.
4. Follow the instructions in the wizard. 5. Microsoft .net Framework 3.0 or higher is required on your local computer.

What's new in SAP TAO 3.0? SAP TST 3.0 SP02

  • SAP TAO 3.0 includes all features delivered already with SAP TAO 2.0.
  • In addition to SAP TAO 2.0, the SAP TAO 3.0 release supports CRM WEB UI technology.
  • A PFA recording Wizard has been introduced with SAP TAO 3.0 in order to further ease recording of tests.
  • SAP TAO 3.0 comes along with a guided procedure on SAP Solution Manager in order to ease configuration on both SAP Solution Manager and on the Systems under Test (SUT). For details refer to the 'Administrators Guide'.
  • SAP TAO 3.0 is a component for Solution Manager 7.1 and does not support Solution Manager 7.0. For further information refer to the 'Compatibility Matrix' (refer to the link given in the previous paragraph).
1. Supported Web UI Technologies:
SAP Applications that are built on top of the Unified Rendering Light Speed framework are supported. This includes:

Web Dynpro ABAP
Web Dynpro JAVA (starting from SAP NetWeaver 7.31)
 SAP CRM Applications based on the WebCUIF Framework are supported.

2. Partially Supported Web UI Technologies
SAP Applications that are built on top of legacy framework or Web Applications built using a concurrent framework are partially supported.

For such technology the recorder only generates a skeleton of the test script. This concerns:

Web Dynpro JAVA (before SAP NetWeaver 7.31)
BSP (Business Server Pages)
Plain HTML Pages
SAP NetWeaver Portal is partially supported. Portal Pages can embed external content relying on different UI Technologies. CBTA supports Web Dynpro ABAP applications embedded into the portal as an isolated iView. Other Portal Page composition options are not supported.

3. Not supported Web UI Technologies:
SAP Applications built on top of SAP UI 5 are not supported.
UI Technologies using a lot of scripting such as the ones based on the AJAX Framework
Applications based on the Adobe Flex Framework (Flash)
Java Applications using the Applets
SilverLight Applications (Microsoft alternative to Flash)
4. Limitations (common to all technologies)

Scenarios using Drap&Drop features cannot be recorded.
Windows Native popups such as the Authentication Dialogs and the Security Popups are not supported.
Business Scenarios mixing Web UI Technologies and SAP GUI Technologies are not supported.

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What happens during SAP Upgrade Downtime Phase [Execution Phase] ?

Execution (Downtime) Downtime I: 
Set up system for downtime MAIN_PROFSTART MOD_INSTNR_PRE 1/6
Execution (Downtime) Downtime II: 
Conversion, Main Import, XPRAs MAIN_NEWBAS STARTSAP_NBAS 1/2
Execution (Downtime) Downtime end: 
Execution (Downtime) Transition to uptime

How to Check if Wily Introscope is Running Properly ?

Check that Introscope is Running Properly :

After you have launched the Enterprise Manager, check that it is running properly.
1. Locate the Enterprise Manager log at <Introscope home>/logs/IntroscopeEnterpriseManager.log.
2. Check that the Enterprise Manager has started. Look for the following line in the
logfile: 03/28/10 10:54:36 AM CET [INFO] [Manager] Introscope Enterprise Manager started.
3. Check the TCP port that Introscope Enterprise Manager is using for agent connections.
Look for lines similar to the following in the logfile: [INFO] [Manager.PostOfficeHub] Server listening for incoming default socket connections on port 6001

In this case, the Enterprise Manager agent port is 6001 (default value).

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SAP Note 1565954 for Introscope 9 SP15 Patch 2 Release Notes

Release 9 SP15 patch 2 (Enterprise Manager Management Modules only - file WILYISMM15P_2.SAR)


Management Modules

Link to complete Introscope documentation added in Navigation dashboard
revised dashboards for SAP Portal
new Java Script calculator for SAP POS
revised Java Script calculators for SAP SBOP

Known problems in all Releases 9.1.0

In the Introscope agent log are error messages about invalid class files when monitoring Netweaver 7.1, e.g.
1/20/13 10:07:37 AM CEST [ERROR] [IntroscopeAgent] A problem occurred while attempting to Introscope-enable com/sap/scheduler/runtime/AbstractIdentifier$JaxbAccessorM_getBytes_setBytes_[B: Invalid class file
These errors can be ignored. The classes will simply be skipped from any instrumentation.
Enterprise Manager crashed with Out Of Memeory (OOM). In the EM logs you find exceptions about InvalidRegexExceptions like:
com.wily.introscope.spec.metric.InvalidRegexException: the regular expression
"SAP Portal\Runtime\Components\ com.sapportals.wcm.portal.componentbase.ControllerComponent\ doContent:Average Response Time \"
is badly formed: Unexpected internal error
To avoid the OOM please stop the EM and replace file <EM_HOME>/product/enterprisemanager/plugins/ with the attached one in
Enterprise Manager (Manager of Managers only) crashes with Out Of Memory (OOM). The heap dump contains a high number of objects from these classes:
           Please open a message on component XX-PART-WILY if you observe a crash of your MoM and be prepard to provide the heap dump. A patch will then be provided.

Workstation Web Start client fails to start with Java 7 Update 45 (Java 1.7.0_45) and newer due to security related changes.
CA describes workarounds in the attached Techical Advisory (CA APM Technical Advisory - WebStart Workstation Issue_v5.pdf). SAP recommends following Option 1, which requires the modification of a single file in the file system (workstation.jsp) without the need for a restart of the Enterprise Manager.

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