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Solution Manager SAP - Where do I assign product instances to the product system?

When you maintain a product system, assign technical system + product instances to the product system - do NOT change the instances marked as installed on the technical system! Technical system information should always be sent by data supplier - do not change it manually.

SAP RFC Parameters - Performance Tuning

abap/arfcrstatecol_delete_: value X
Activates deletion of ARFCRSTATE records in background. Forces report RSTRFCEU to run in batch periodically every 5 minutes (see SAP Note 539917)

gw/maxconn_: value 2000
Sets maximum number of active connections (Gateway)

gw/maxoverflow_size_: value 10000000
Sets size of local memory area for Gateway

icm/HTTP/maxrequest_size_KB_: value 2097152
Maximum size of HTTP request accepted by ICM

rdisp/appcca_blk_no_: value 2000
Sets TCP/IP communication buffer size

rdisp/forcesched_after_commit_: value no
Disables automatic rollout of context after commit work

rdisp/maxarq_: value 2000
Maximum number of internal asynchronous messages

rdisp/maxcomm._entries_: value 2000
Sets maximum number of communication entries

rdisp/rfcmax_own_login_: value 90
Sets RFC quota for own logins

rdisp/rfcmax_own_used_wp_: value 90
Sets RFC quota for own used work processes

rdisp/rfcmax_wait_time_: value 5
Sets RFC maximum wait time after load check

rdisp/tmmax_no_: value 2000
Sets maximum number of available connections (instance)

rdisp/wpca_blk_no_: value 2000
Sets block buffer size for work process communication

ztta/maxmemreq_MB_: value 2048
Limit for a single memory allocation request (default 64). This value depends on the maximum document size.

SAP OS DB Migration Project Milestones

Project Milestones 

  • Preparation completed 
  • New hardware ordered and installed 
  • Sandbox (SBX) migration 
  • Functional/Operational Testing 
  • DEV migration Functional/Operational Testing 
  • QAS migration Functional/Operational Testing 
  • PRD migration – Go-Live

Why SAP OS DB Migration Export Import takes long?

Export and import can take a very long time – tune and re-run those steps until timing is satisfactory.

Database statistics are important to both the import and export processes. Statistics from previous migrations can be exported and imported to save time.

Migration tools provide a means of optimizing the export and import process
Package splitting
Table splitting
Migration Monitor
Distribution Monitor.

SAP OS DB Migration - Post Migration Steps

Post processing
  • Check for missing objects 
  • Tune System Modify SAP profile parameters 
  • Modify Database parameters 
  • Adapt application specific parameter from source system 
  • System level checks (sick) 
  • Follow post processing steps per migration guide 
  • Check Batch jobs with target systems 
  • Printers Integration points 
  • Apply new license 

SAP OS-DB Migration - Target System Steps - Import

  • Import of target system Use SAP Migration Utility (similar to an installation) 
  • Install the database software 
  • Install the SAP instance 
  • Import data from source system 
  • Review import performance – re-run if necessary

SAP OS DB Migration - Source System Steps - Export

  1. Export of source system Start with a procedure document to record process. 
  2. Run pre-checks and setup steps per migration guide 
  3. Any upgrade post processing must be complete (ex. ICNV) 
  4. SAP data dictionary and database data dictionary must be consistent 
  5. Database statistics must be up to date Remove failed updates 
  6. Delete TEMPSE inconsistencies 
  7. Suspend batch jobs (BTCTRNS1) 
  8. Run selective business reports (finance, inventory, etc) 
  9. If SID changes, all transports must be released! 
  10. Run migration utility to export source database 
  11. Review export performance – re-run if necessary

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SAP Maintenance certificate Download Location

Quick Link:

  • Search with SID name of your system
  • Click on License keys Tab
  • Download the maintenance cert with a valid date and a valid hardware key
  • Download to your PC
  • Login to ABAP Go to Tcode SLICENSE and Install 


SAP OS DB Migration Project Plan

Blueprint Phase
  • Migration project related issues
  • Technical data of the source system environment
  • Technical data of the target system environment
  • The migration project schedule
  • Hardware sizing feasibility
  • Load distribution (if necessary, optimization recommendations are given)
  • Configuration of the new system
  • SAP system parameters
  • Database parameters
  • User/load distribution
  • Performance before migration
  • Transaction profiles
  • Number and distribution of users
Post Go-Live

  • Comparison of response time before and after migration
  • Performance analysis on the new OS/DB combination
  • Verification of whether all the required SAP recommendations were implemented
  • SAP system parameters
  • Database parameters
  • User/load distribution
  • Optimization of load distribution and identification of potential bottlenecks
Example Project Plan
Example Project Scope - SAP OS -DB Migration

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SAP REVREC Revenue Accouting Download Location for Installation

Login to SAP Service Marketplace


REVREC Installation & Configuration consulting Contact Us:

SAP SCM Optimizer Install Steps - Easy

Step 1: Download the SCM optimer SAR file from SAP Marketplace

SCM Optimer Download Location --> click here

Step 2:
Download SWPM 10 to install SCM Optimizer

Step 3
Install Optimizer from SWPM

For SAP systems based on SAP NetWeaver 7.0 and SAP NetWeaver 7.0 including enhancement package
Choose your product --> choose Standalone Engines SCM Optimizer Installation 

For SAP systems based on SAP NetWeaver 7.3 and higher: 
Choose Generic Installation Options -->SCM Optimizer Installation

Post Steps
Follow SAP Optimizer Installation guide

SMICM - How to check HTTPS port is active?

For SSL SNC Configuration you need to ensure that HTTPS port is active in ABAP system

T-Code SMICM-->Goto--> Services

Tags: SAP, smicm, https, snc, ssl, strust, 

SAP Marketplace - How to maintain Connections?

Click Link below to maintain connections for SAP systems in your landscape. With the new UI things looks little different so better to use these quick links until you get acquainted.


Click below link 
SAProuter certificates are available free of charge from the SAP Support Portal.

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